Extracurricular Activities

After-school programs and extracurricular activities provide a richer environment to help students learn and grow. At Bond Hill Academy, students have access to a variety of programs and activities to explore their interests.


Men Organized Respectful and Educated (M.O.R.E.)

M.O.R.E. is an after-school group for boys that is designed to strategically support and promote measurable improvements in academic achievement, promotion rates, graduation rates, and college readiness, with anemphasis on developing strong character. The content of M.O.R.E. consists of Academic Support, Social Skills Development, College & Career Awareness, Financial Literacy, and Health & Wellness.

Contact: Mr.Villegas, Mr. Smith


Boy Scouts

As a parent you want your son to grow up to be a self-reliant, dependable and caring individul. Scouting has these same goals in mind for him. Boy Scounts provides educational activities designed to assist parents in strengthening character, good citizenship, confidence, social skills and physical fitness in youth.

Advisor: Mr. Leslie Henry, (513) 363-7928

Girl Scouts

At Girl Scouts, your child will make new friends and go on fantastic new adventures. She is also going to get the chance to do big things. Our program centers on something called the Girl Scout Leadership Experience — a collection of activities and experiences your daughter will have as she earn badges, sells cookies, goes on exciting trips, explores the outdoors, participates in Take Action projects that make a difference, and more.

Advisor: Mr. Leslie Henry, (513) 363-7928


Boys' & Girls' Basketball

Intermural practice and games are offered to students in grades 4-6 on Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:30 - 6:00 p.m. The first half of practice will be spent in the classroom where the students will receive tutoring, complete homework or study. A healthy snack provided by Families Forward will be served before practice. Any student who is not meeting behavior standards, academic standards or uniform standards will not be allowed to remain active in the program.

Advisor/Coach: Mr.Villegas, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Walker

CPS Athletics — Information for Sports Eligibility Information, Sports Physical Form, Sports Liability Waiver, Athletic Code of Conduct.