Bond Hill Academy
Be Here Be Ready Be Responsible Be Respectful

"Where Leaders are developed"  

Bond Hill Academy has one goal: Doing what it takes to make sure all our students reach high standards of academic achievement in core subjects by sixth-grade graduation.

Our students’ rising academic achievement has earned an Ohio Report Card rating of Continuous Improvement for Bond Hill. With support from staff, parents and the community, our vision of academic excellence for all students is becoming a reality.

·      Close monitoring of each student’s progress against the standards  

·      Extra instruction for students who fall behind to help assure academic success

·      Extensive after-school program focused on academic achievement, social development and club activities

·      All-day preschool and kindergarten classes

·      Art, music and physical education classes for all students

·      A state-of-the-art school building serving as a Community Learning Center

·      Strong partnership with FamiliesFORWARD, for after-school programs, parent center, parent workshops, home visits and counseling services 

·      Tutors provided by Partners in Education — Messer Construction, GE Aviation, Rhodia Inc.

·      Parental involvement encouraged, including Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)

·      Consistent enforcement of school rules and dress code

·      Enrichment activities including Fuel Up to Play 60 (be active at least 60 minutes daily), and 25 Book Campaign (read minimum of 25 books)